You’ve heard it before… New Year, New You.

This time, it’s a reality. New Year, New Smile.

Dental Implants, New Year New You.

What would you do for the perfect new year? If you are like most people, you know New Years goals can quickly fade. And, before you know it, you find yourself right back where you started. Only this time… you won’t feel defeated because you weren’t able to stick to your goal.


Well, this goal is one that you CAN achieve. And, the results of this goal will touch every other aspect of your life.


Let’s have some fun and dive into dental implants. We’ll see how wonderful advancements are changing lives for the better everyday. And, how Nuvia Dental Implant Center is leading the way… making dental implants more accessible than ever before.


Is health your goal? What about socializing and interacting more? Boosting your self-esteem? Taking control of your life?


These are all affected by your oral health. And dental implants impact these goals.

How do you know if you need Dental Implants?

Of course… there is no “one size fits all”… and every case will be different.


Dental implants are common for people who have missing teeth due to accident or decay. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or the entire mouth.


Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth available. This is why they have such an impact on every aspect of life.


The easiest way to find out if you need implants is to schedule a consultation with a Nuvia Dental Implant Specialist.


Fill out this 60-second quiz and see if you qualify for a voucher for a FREE consultation


That is probably the best way to start off your new year.

What happens at the consultation?

At your consultation, you discuss what options are available specific to you and your needs. Your Implant Expert will also take measurements, some simple x-rays, and ask about your health history. One of Nuvia’s world-class Implant Surgeons may even pop in and meet you.


This consultation is a value of $350, some centers charge more, but because we understand how life-changing dental implants can be… we offer a limited amount of vouchers for a FREE consultation. Take this 60-second quiz to see if you qualify for a voucher now! 


Once people see how accessible and life changing Nuvia Dental Implants are… they are eager to start their new life.

How can Dental Implants help me have a healthier life?

Oral health affects our physiology in two ways. The first way is the most direct. And that is… infection. If teeth are broken, missing, or decayed… there is also the risk of infection.


If there is infection in the mouth, it is able to travel throughout the body and cause major damage. Not to mention, cause pain and discomfort in the mouth.


Infections in the mouth can spread to the brain and cause serious problems.


The first thing the surgeon does in an implant procedure, is to clear out all the infection. This immediately stops the spread.


The second way oral health affects our physiology is a bit more indirect. Oral health affects your health through your diet. We may not think much of it at first. But, when you cannot eat nutritious foods, your health suffers. In fact… not being able to eat nutritious foods shortens your lifespan.


Because dental implants allow you to eat the nutritious foods you love… you can actually add precious years on to your life.

How do Dental Implants allow me to eat nutritious foods?

With full-mouth dental implants, you can achieve 90% biting force. That means you have the ability to eat what you ate with your healthy, natural teeth. Steak, leafy greens, raw veggies and more. 


With dentures, biting force is 30% at best. On a side note… dentures encourage and speed up bone loss. This leads to “witch chin” and poor fitting dentures. 


But What About the Cost?

Meet Kerry

Kerry is just one example of what is possible when you take life by the reigns. Kerry had always fought dental issues. And, sometimes that is the case. Dental issues can be genetic. Kerry had over 20 root canals throughout his life, replacing almost all of his teeth. 


Kerry Dental Implant Transformation

With only a few teeth strong enough to chew, Kerry would shuffle his food from one side of his mouth to the other. Eventually, only his front teeth were strong enough to chew anything. 


But, he felt those start to go, and knew it was only a matter of time before his front teeth would no longer work. 


Kerry learned about his options at his free consultation. 

Four months later, Kerry can eat steak and smile. Smiling and talking are a big part of Terry’s livelihood… and now, he can approach it with much more confidence. 

Kerry talks about how dental implants have had far-reaching effects into the rest of his life. Not just being able to eat nutritious foods, but to smile and have the confidence to interact with others. 


Many times, bad teeth–or missing teeth–take a toll on our emotional wellbeing. This too can have far-reaching consequences. But, as Kerry has shown us, we don’t need to let that stop us from living the life we were meant for. 


Kerry is just one of many who has made the choice to put his health first and live the life he was meant to live. After 4 months (and the new life dental implants have given Terry), there is nothing he would change about his experience.



Because every situation is different… the time frame varies from person to person. Full arch implants will usually take 4 to 6 months to completely heal. 


The first step after the consultation, is surgery. Surgery can last anywhere from 1 to 8 hours. This all depends on how extensive the surgery is. 


You will know beforehand how long you will be in surgery. Nuvia world-class Surgeons use state of the art mapping technology to pinpoint the best placement for your implants. 


This means the entire surgery is planned out, so there are no surprises. Other places, freehand placement. This leaves the process open to surprises and complications. 


After surgery, your body needs time to heal. The implants also need to fuse to your bone. This is what takes the most time. The process is called “osseointegration”. It’s what makes dental implants so strong. Fusing to your jawbone just like natural teeth roots. 


During this time, you need to avoid foods that are difficult to eat. A good rule of thumb is to only eat foods that you can cut with your finger. This guidance is very important to follow. If not followed, dental implants can fail. 


Ensuring there are no mistakes, Nuvia Dental Implant Center uses a cutting edge method to ensure osseointegration has taken place. It’s called “truintegration”. This technology allows Nuvia Professionals to determine if your implants have successfully fused to your jawbone. 


Other implant providers, again, just give their best guess. 

Your New Life – It’s closer than you think

Can you imagine a life where you can eat the foods you love? The truth is… it’s closer than you think, and could be a reality for you this year. A New Years resolution that you will be able to keep. A promise to yourself that you will live life to the fullest. 


What would it be like to bite into a juicy steak? Or have that giant nutritious salad you have been wanting to order everytime you go out? Raw veggies and all. 


What will it be like to smile from ear to ear knowing you have a perfect, beautiful smile? Again, it’s closer than you think. At the next family gathering… or heck… if you’re just taking a selfie, that smile will light up the room. 


A smile can give the confidence needed to have the kind of social life that you long for. Inside, you crave that social interaction. And, if you have been self-conscious about your smile (and if it has held you back)… Then you know a smile can change your whole world. 


How does a more healthy life and longer lifespan sound? Again, it’s closer than you think. Add precious years onto your life by improving your overall health. Dental implants help you eat better by allowing you more food options. Before–with bad, broken, or missing teeth–you couldn’t eat the most nutritious foods. But, with dental implants and 90% of your original biting force, you can eat the foods you love. 


No more infection from rotting teeth. Removing infection from the body is crucial to a long and healthy life. Stopping infection from spreading to vital organs alone will add wonderful, healthy years of life. 

All for about the price of a nice, used car.

Dental Implants are not traditional dentistry. For some… this causes problems when it comes to paying for dental implants. 


The medical industry has trained most people to go to the dentist and get things taken care of with insurance. And, repeat the same process every year. Sure, this works for routine dental procedures. But, like I mentioned, dental implants go far beyond regular dentistry. 


Dental surgeons at Nuvia Dental Implant Center are highly trained. Training that goes beyond what regular dentists achieve. 


Only the best materials are used at Nuvia Dental Implant Center. From Zirconia to titanium, our materials are the best around. 


With state of the art, cutting edge equipment to map out your procedure with, pinpoint precision using the SafeSmile method, and Truintegration technology… your experience is world class. 


There are many payment options that can make your new-year-new-you goals a reality. A Nuvia Financial specialist can help you determine the best way to finance your new smile. 


Don’t put it off any longer.

If you think you’re ready to get the health you want and have that perfect smile… Don’t wait. Schedule your free consultation today. Sit down with a Nuvia Dental Implant Specialist, and find out what your treatment plan would look like. 


Find out how long it will take until you can eat the foods you love and have the perfect smile. Let your Nuvia Dental Implant Specialist walk you through the process.


Your New Year’s goals can be a reality sooner than you think. And, these goals (or resolutions)… will last for years.

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