Awesome Facts About the Brigham Young’s Winter Home and Office

The Brigham Young Winter Home & Office is an old historic home and office located in St. George, Utah, which was founded by the nineteenth-century prophet, Brigham Young. Brigham Young was the first LDS pioneer and led the church into Utah Territory. This location was selected because it was near the Winterville railroad and the handcart Company. The interior was designed by William Lloyd Anderson, who designed the interior with a large panoramic view of the St. George valley and mountains. Learn more here.

The architectural style of Brigham Young Winter Home & Office and the interior is reminiscent of the period and the style of the early American colonies. There are also some elements of traditional Utah ranching and mission style decor. The home and office feature three main offices: the Great Salt Lake City headquarters (Address number 7 hundred eighty-three), the main office (Address number 8 hundred forty-one), and a small reception and waiting room. The main office is separated from the other two through a trap door in the west exterior wall. Learn more about Town Square Park in St. George, Utah – A Luxury Retail Space.

The main reason for the separation of these three offices is because of the need for privacy. There are three different rooms located on this seven hundred and sixty-two thousand square feet of property that are connected through a trapdoor. The main part of the home and the administrative offices can be viewed from the dining and working areas, which are located on the east and west sides of the building. In addition to the offices, the home has four smaller rooms, one-bedroom, one bathroom, a large kitchen, and an enlarged guesthouse with a patio. Because of the large amount of space, the interior of the home and office has been designed with the greatest of care.