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Highly Professional Dental Implant in Denver – New Smile. New You.

Your smile is what makes you, YOU! With dental implants and replacement teeth, you can eat all your favorite foods again, start socializing around people without embarrassment, and ultimately start being YOU again.

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Our proprietary method makes all the difference in safety, and we tailor treatments for your dental implants treatment, effectiveness, and comfort of your implant procedure. A new smile is a life-changing investment, and we want it to last a lifetime.

SafeSmile Placement

While other implant dentists “freehand” the placement of dental implants, we use advanced surgical mapping technology to plan out your placement in advance at our dental implant center. Your surgery is performed using a custom “guide” that ensures the placement of each implant with pinpoint accuracy. We don’t leave your life-changing smile restoration and oral health to chance. You shouldn’t either. Check out our Facebook page to see our recent posts on Safesmile Placement.

SafeSedation & ComfortPlus Experience

Some dental implant dentists try to cut costs by performing both your dental implant placement and sedation by themselves. This creates two challenging tasks for the dentist to do at the same time while you are asleep, which increases the chance for error.  At Nuvia, every patient is assigned their own board-certified anesthetist at no extra charges. It’s part of our service for dental implants. You can feel confident that your implant surgeon will be 100% focused on your procedure while a certified anesthetist takes care of you while you’re asleep.  Would anyone want it any other way? Neither would we.


It takes time for the bone to integrate and take a firm enough hold on your implant so that it won’t break when you bite down on something hard. Some other clinics rush to get your final smile placed before your integration is strong enough, and this can cause bone deterioration.  If that happens, the implant could fracture the bone and need to be replaced entirely. At Nuvia, all of our dental implants undergo our TruIntegration tests. This gives us a reading of how strong your implants have integrated into the bone and tells us when we can connect your final set of teeth to the implants.


Sometimes the body needs a little help to heal, so we place something called a “membrane” on the site. Other clinics use manufactured membranes, which can compromise the healing process.  At Nuvia, our implant technicians use your own white blood cells to create a custom membrane. This provides a more natural healing implant process allowing the site to heal much quicker and the implant to be received more effectively.

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Locally Trusted Dental Implant Center in Denver – Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Caldwell graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry in 2001 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. She owned a private dental practice and conducted general dentistry, where she worked for sixteen years, before deciding to focus her career solely on surgery and implant dentistry. She has a fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dental XP (NYU), and Implant Pathway. She is on faculty with Implant Pathway and Colorado Implant Continuum. Every year she takes hundreds of hours of continuing education courses to stay up to date in implant dentistry, titanium implant, bone grafting, and cutting-edge surgical techniques. She is committed to giving her patients the highest level of care possible and has an incredible success rate in cosmetic dentistry for dental implants.


Dr. Caldwell

Is a dental implant procedure painful?

Our SafeSedation process and ComfortPlus experience ensure that you’ll be asleep and comfortable throughout the entire dental implants procedure. We also provide several pain management options after your dental implants are fitted. Most patients tell us that they felt much less pain than they had expected.

Will my dental implants look like natural teeth?

Our specialists work with you to design natural-looking teeth you will love, including the shade of color and look of the teeth for your dental implants. Many of our patients report that even their own family members couldn’t even tell the difference between dental implants and natural teeth.

How do I know if Im a candidate?

During your free consultation – we will perform a simple, painless exam to determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants and tooth restoration. You can also start the process by filling out the 60-second online evaluation form on this page at Denver co.

How much will my procedure cost?

Ultimately, your implants dental cost will depend on your unique situation, but there are financing options available.  However, at Nuvia, providing a beautiful restoration in the safest procedure possible and at an affordable cost is our main focus. We also provide many affordable payment plan options from well-qualified borrowers to make your dental restoration become a reality.  Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation and dental implant cost here at Nuvia dental implants Denver.

How long will it take to recover? Is recovery Painful?

This will differ based on your unique situation and how well your body responds to the healing process. Most patients report that they don’t experience much discomfort beyond the initial swelling for a day or two.

Your doctor may place you on a soft food diet for a period of time to help with healing until the dental implants are completely integrated with the bone, and it is safe to use normal biting force. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods again with our dental implants!

How long is the actual procedure?

The length of your procedure to fit the dental implants will be unique to your situation. However, typically you’ll be in our office for no more than a few hours as you are sedated and can recover as the anesthesia wears off. You’ll leave the office with a temporary set of teeth that will allow you to enjoy your life normally with a few restrictions for the first few weeks.

As your mouth heals and becomes accustomed to your dental implants – you’ll come back for your final appointment to receive your final set of beautiful custom teeth.

Will I be able to eat my favorite foods again?

Properly placed dental implants can restore up to 90%+ of your natural biting force, and they won’t slip and slide around like dentures. This means that having your missing teeth replaced with dental implants – you’ll be able to eat basically any of your favorite foods, from steak to salads, and even those wonderful sticky treats long term after your dental implants have settled.

Why should I choose Nuvia over other implant dentists/centers?

Our SafeSmile Placement and ComfortPlus experience ensures a safer, more comfortable procedure than others who “freehand” placement of implants and cut corners by performing both sedation and surgery by themselves. Our RapidRecovery process and TruIntegration testing also uses a more natural treatment to help speed the healing so you can start enjoying your new smile sooner. Your smile restoration can change your life forever, why leave the process to chance? 

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