Enjoy Your Holiday With a Day of Family Fun at the Ledgemere Picnic Area in Salt Lake City, Utah

Each year, thousands of tourists visit the Ledgemere Country Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. The park is located on the south rim of the Wasatch Mountains. “The Ledgemere Picnic Area at the South Rim of the Wasatch Mountains is ideal for a family excursion,” according to the Ledgemere Tourism Authority website. ” Visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery, fishing, hiking, and biking” . Salt Lake City, UT  can be seen here.

The area offers four picnic sites. Picnic tables and grills are available. A variety of meals and beverages are offered at these sites. Depending on how many guests are being accommodated, a standard picnic lunch is approximately two to three hours in duration, including an hour for setting up and breaking bread. Picnic seating is provided at tables, on grass, or the trail leading to the picnic area. Located on the South Fork of Cedar Springs Lake, the Ledgemere Picnic Area in Salt Lake City, Utah is only about a mile from the South Fork of Cedar Creek. This beautiful park offers beautiful scenery with trees and deep valleys. The park is managed by the Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau. This Bureau manages the Park and makes sure that the surrounding areas are well maintained. Click here to read about Have Fun at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The area is only a short distance from the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, UT, and is easily reached by car, by hiking or cycling, or by bus service. There is no fee to use this park and there are shuttle buses that will bring visitors to and from the park. If you would rather not camp at the Ledgemere site then you might want to visit the nearby Camping Village which has over thirty spaces for RV’s, tents, cabins, or even condos. This campground also has a playground and an ice cream stand.