Evergreen Park in Salt Lake City- The Finest Park in Utah

Evergreen Park in Salt Lake City is one of the finest parks in the state of Utah. It is also one of the most beautiful. There are many scenic gardens located in and around the park. Evergreen Park was designed by William Lehr and is a creation of Lehr and Associates. The park is a gift of the Lehr family to Utah and is a wonderful spot for bird watchers, nature lovers, and visitors to enjoy a nice lunch or evening at the park. Learn more here.

There are two main areas of Evergreen Park in Salt Lake City, Utah that are open to the public. Cedar Point State Park is located on land that is leased from the state of Utah and has been opened for several years. The other main area of the park is in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Here tourists will find a wide variety of natural gardens as well as one of the largest evergreen collections in the state of Utah. Description of the Historic Landmarks. The main areas included Evergreen Park in Salt Lake City, which was designed around an English cottage garden which was later called the Evergreen Park Cottage garden. The Park was designed around this English garden which had an arched trellis that contained a gazebo, pavilion, brick pathway, and wood-burning fireplace surrounded by a fence. Other notable structures include the Evergreen Park Administration Building, Evergreen Park Golf Course, and the Evergreen Theater. The area was referred to as Stone Mountain because of its large volcanic sandstone Mountains that run for over two miles. Over three hundred buildings including houses, schools, churches, and institutions of higher learning can be found in the area. Learn more about Wonderful and Exciting Attraction World of Flight Bird Show in Salt Lake City Utah.

Evergreen Park in Salt Lake City, Utah is a wonderful park with natural beauty and should be seen by anyone who visits the state of Utah. The park’s features are varied and interesting. Within the park, numerous gardens have grown organically with no fertilizer or pesticides in them. The majority of these gardens are located along the Evergreen Trace and Evergreen Park loop. The gardens are a permanent feature in the park and visitors are allowed to walk through the gardens as long as they remain within the boundaries of the park.