Have a Great Time at the St. George Children’s Museum in Utah

St. George Children’s Museum is an internationally accredited children’s museum in Utah. The museum’s mission is to offer, educate, and inspire children, and to empower their imaginations through education, experience, and discovery. The museum’s green frog mascot, Rufus, often appears in green frog logo garb. Other than the frog, most of the items in the museum are made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials. St. George Children’s Museum has a mission to “maintain the innocence of children through the ages.” The museum is a non-profit organization established in 1958. The museum’s purpose is to offer engaging and dynamic interactive activities that invite children and families. The Museum’s many green dragon mascots are designed with energy and creativity to inspire young children. More about St. George, UT can be seen here.


The museum was named after the St. George family who were instrumental in founding the museum. In addition to an aquarium, planetarium, and habitats, the museum also features a Zoo Story exhibit, interactive exhibits, video clips, and theatrical presentations. Many of the activities on site are supported by Utah State Historic Sites and the Utah Outdoor Technology Authority. Several of the programs and activities hosted and funded by the Utah Tourism Authority have become well known through word of mouth and featured in television and other media outlets across the country. Many other attractions are sure to make your trip to St. George enjoyable and educational. There are also numerous activities and events hosted by the St. George Children’s Museum. Take a tour of the Museum before your visit and get a feel for what to expect when you arrive. You’ll surely be glad you took the time! Click here to read about Red Hills Desert Garden in St. George, Utah – A Popular Attraction.