InVINations, A Creative Winery in Greenwood Village, CO – A Great Place to Go for Quality Wine

InVINATIONS A creative winery in Greenwood Village, CO is the brainchild of brothers Erick and Mark Blank. The two had decided that they wanted to start a winery of their own and decided to purchase a plot of land in an area that was perfect for it. In this beautiful part of Colorado, they knew they could grow their grapes so they decided to turn their winery into a winery and take advantage of all of the growing vineyards in the area. They named their new winery InVINations and put out some of their first red wines. They received many favorable words of mouth from wine and vineyards around the state and began to tour wine tasting events where they gained more exposure. InVINations is now located in beautiful Greenwood Village, Colorado just a few blocks from Fort Collins. Greenwood Village, CO can be seen here.

InVINations has won awards from prestigious wine competitions including the prestigious International Wine Salon Showcase. InVination’s sales increased when they added an indoor wine gallery to their location. The winery now offers wine tours of Fort Collins and Poudre Canyon as well as fine dining at its five locations. InVinia’s largest production facility is its main building, which is filled with barrels where the wines are aged to perfection. InVINIONS is a small winery based out of Greenwood Village, Colorado. They have four tasting rooms that are open to the public and offer a variety of wine selections. The wines are all aged a minimum of five years. Click here to read about What to Expect at the Huntington Acres Park in Greenwood Village, CO.

If you have never visited InVination’s or even considered going to Greenwood Village, Colorado to taste its wines I encourage you to do so. Visiting a winery is truly a once in a lifetime experience and you are sure to leave feeling refreshed and having had a great time. InVination’s website provides a lot of information about the wineries including pictures, tasting notes, and tasting menus. There is a great deal of history surrounding InVinia’s wineries and a wonderful trip can be made to explore this rich culture.