Red Hills Desert Garden in St. George, Utah – A Popular Attraction

A Red Hills Desert Garden in St. George, Utah has opened just outside of St. George, Utah, on Highway 95. In 2020, the Garden was redesigned by landscape architect Jon Benson, who also created the popular Cedar City Golf Course. The entire area was designed to be a green oasis in a desert that combines scenic views of the Wasatch Mountains with vistas of the Cedar Beaks and St. George Canyon. According to the Garden, “The project spanned four pages with over 200 photos. Red Hills Desert Garden in St. George, Utah will bloom with color, energy, and vibrancy as spring approaches and welcomes travelers to an escape from the daily grind.” Information can be found here.

The south side of the Red Hills Desert Garden has a very unique attraction. On this south side, “the drive over will be followed by a glass elevator door that leads to a lab where you can consult with a botanist about your plant species for the year.” Other than the “botanist” reference, the lab does not seem like a place where you would spend much time. The South Side of the Red Hills Desert Garden was redesigned in response to the “increasing demand for a more naturalized setting to showcase gardens, businesses and recreational activities.” The Red Hills is now being designed for what it refers to as a “green oasis”. The north side of the garden is also being planned for a more organic “umbrella concept with elements of a traditional outdoor landscape.” See here for information about Have a Luxurious Vacation at Cottonwood Cove Park In St. George, Utah.

The “Red Rocks” in St. George, Utah is also known as the Arches. It is located in the southwest part of the city. Many of the most famous buildings in St. George can be found in the vicinity of the Red Rocks. The rock formation is also called the Red Diamond because it is so massive, it is hundreds of feet wide and hundreds of feet long, with a width of nearly ten miles. St. George is home to many world-class attractions including the Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, and the Southern Cross Dinosaur State Park. In addition to natural beauty, there is also a lot of commercial activity taking place in St. George, Utah, since it is a favorite tourist destination.