Spend Quality Time With Your Family at Rotary Glen Park in Salt Lake City, UT

Rotary Glen Park in Salt Lake City, Utah is a place for families to spend quality time together. This wonderful public park is located right on the famed Winter Snow canyon and serves as a great venue for family fun, relaxation, and recreation. It is one of the finest locations in the Salt Lake Valley to experience an outdoor winter attraction. The magnificent views of the Wasatch Mountains are tempered only by the soothing, inviting presence of a natural lake. This natural cove features a wide selection of fishing boats and other facilities that help keep this popular Utah destination a hot spot for winter recreation. Visit this link for more information.

Rotary Glen Park is one of the most beautiful and scenic sites in all of Utah. Located on the south rim of the Wasatch Mountains, the park features spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains, the Utah mountains, and Cedar City. Here, you will find winter attractions such as the world-renowned Therapeutic Riding Center, which offers winter tours and rides designed especially for families. Rotary Glen Park in Salt Lake City, Utah is a lush landscaped 18-hole golf course designed by Utah’s own Raybestos Company. It is named such because of the naturally occurring Rotary windmill on its site. Located at the western edge of the Wasatch Mountains, the park offers scenic views of the Wasatch Mountains and the Wasatch Mountain range. The resort was named for a local Rotary Club member who developed the course, and it is open to visitors all year round. One unique feature of the park is that it is subdivided into three areas, each with its club golf course. Read about Enjoy Your Holiday With a Day of Family Fun at the Ledgemere Picnic Area in Salt Lake City, Utah here.

Not only does Rotary Glen provide family fun and entertainment, but it also offers other exceptional family experiences. During the summer, the park has numerous festivals that allow the entire family to participate in and watch events. From musical performances by local musicians to fireworks shows and other live presentations, every member of the family will be able to participate in these special events. Also, the park boasts a cafe where families can relax with a cup of coffee or tea, take in some ice cream or a sandwich, and enjoy the quiet and beautiful atmosphere. The cafe also features a small book store where visitors can peruse a variety of books and literature about Utah’s rich history and culture.