St. George, Utah Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm -An Amazing Attraction

The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm in Saint George, Utah is a great place for children to learn about dinosaurs and their importance in our society. The dinosaur site preserves hundreds of dinosaur tracks directly from the original site of excavation. This means you will see exactly where these amazing creatures walked and how they fit in with our modern society. You will see many types of dinosaurs here such as the saurian and the ropods. Some of the most popular tracks are found near the Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau Building. Visit this link for more information.

If you have never been to St. George, Utah then you need to go and see this place. You can even take the family to see the dinosaur track where the famous Neil Armstrong stumbled upon the planet on the moon. The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site in Johnson Farm offers several attractions that include the St. George Dinosaur Museum, Insect Zoo, Petroglyph National Monument, and the Utah Science Museum. If you are looking for a bit of history then there are two historical attractions you can visit such as the Junipine Caves and the Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau Building. If you love to learn about things in general, you will enjoy the many courses the museum offers. There are also a few nature trails you can take that allow you to see the natural wildlife and landscape of Utah. Read about Have a Great Time at the St. George Children’s Museum in Utah here. 

A St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site Discovery Walk is probably one of the best ways to see the tracks without having to drive too far. With so much to see and do in St. George, Utah, a St. George Dinosaur Discovery Walk is sure to make your trip a fun and educational one. This is also an inexpensive way to see the area because most of the places you’ll be visiting have a small cost if you pay before you get to tour any of the attractions. If you are in the mood for something a little more luxurious than you can stay at the Rainbow Mountain Lodge which is only two miles from the dinosaur tracks. You can take advantage of the hot tub, outdoor kitchens, and large home bars to keep yourself awake and happy.