The Historic First Encampment Park in Salt Lake City, Utah

First Encampment Park in Salt Lake City, Utah is a beautiful place. It is a World Heritage Site and the largest National Historic Landmark in Utah. This park is located at the south end of the Wasatch Mountains and is east of downtown Salt Lake City. The Park was named by General George S. Patton, then the area was called Camp Leys during his famous tour of Utah. This was the first official park created west of the Wasatch Mountains and today it serves as the heart of Utah tourism. Learn information about Salt Lake City, UT.

The entire Park was created by the United States Government as part of an effort to honor the courage and the hardship the Mormon pioneers faced when they moved from Utah to Oregon and across the bitterly cold mountain passes to reach the Grand Canyon. Within the boundaries of the Park are two historic sites: Heritage Park which is home to the Old Faithful and Cedar City which is the final resting place for the Masonic pioneers. The area also has a wide variety of recreational activities such as skiing, hiking, bicycling, paragliding, golf, and kayaking. The beauty of this Park lies in its large playgrounds, paths, playground equipment, picnic areas, the Great Salt Lake Valley, and historic landmarks. Discover facts about Evergreen Park in Salt Lake City- The Finest Park in Utah.

Today First Encampment Park in Salt Lake City, Utah is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the busiest tourist sites in the state of Utah. The Park is managed by the Utah Department of Tourism. Travelers to Utah will find a plethora of attractions to choose from within this wonderful region of the United States. Not only does Utah have a large number of national parks and monuments, but it also has many museums and Utah attractions. If you love to travel and have a love for history and education then you will certainly want to make your travel plans to Utah to see the historic landmarks and tourist attractions.