Utah Tourism: Wasatch Hollow Preserves in Salt Lake City, UT

The Wasatch Hollow Preserves in Salt Lake City, Utah is an outdoor museum that was created by the Wasatch Environmental Education Center. This natural preserve is located near the southern edge of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Visitors to this museum can view ancient ruins of Wasatch architecture, Indian pottery, and other natural treasures from the 1800s. The facility also features a cafe and restaurant, where it serves lunch and dinner. The natural preserves are managed through the Utah Department of Parks and Recreation. See more here.

Utah residents, non-profit groups, and Utah tourist attractions are permitted to use the Wasatch Hollow Preserve. The facility is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For more information on using or accessing the Preserve, visit the website. The Utah Highway Patrol also offers driving directions. Traveling to the southern tip of Utah may be an alternative means of travel to the Wasatch Hollow Preserve. The Wasatch Hollow Preserves in Salt Lake City Utah is located within the National Park System. It is a key location for natural and archaeological resources, including a threatened desert vegetation community and a wetland. The park district manages the facility and has a partnership with the University of Utah to help maintain it. Other members of the Utah Native Hawaiian Cultural Association also participate in the preservation program. See here for information about The Living Room Trailhead in Salt Lake City, Utah – Perfect Location for Relaxation.

The natural landscape of the Wasatch Hollow Preserve in Salt Lake City, Utah is surrounded by panoramic mountains and canyonlands. Visitors often take time to stop at local stores to buy souvenirs such as photo albums and key chains. The National Park Service runs a bus service that provides buses to visitors who need transportation to the different destinations within the state. The nearest airport is the Salt Lake City International Airport.