Utah’s Zion County and St. George, Utah Temple

The St. George Utah Temple is an ancient temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Dedicated in Honor of H. Smith, Jr. on behalf of his father, the building which houses the sacred temple is located on North Temple Street, between East North Temple and South Temple streets. The temple is officially listed as a historic landmark, with the National Register of Historic Places listing it as a World Heritage Site. The temple is dedicated to H. Smith, a member of the community who served as a leader among pioneers in the trek west from Utah to the Pacific. St. George, UT information can be seen at this link.

Situated on twenty-one acres of land, the St. George Utah Temple serves as both a house of worship as well as a gathering place for family activities. One side of the temple is dedicated to the Salt Lake Valley, where the family will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery during summertime. The other side of the temple is devoted to the history of the Utah pioneers and their journey west from the St. George area. The St. George Utah Temple features a central congregation room where funeral services can be conducted, including hymns, scripture reading, prayer, music, and guest speaker sermons. Discover facts about Utah Has the Perfect St. George Splash Pad For You.

The temple is also home to the St. George Utah Lodge, a meeting place for the Primary and Young Women, and the Utah Women’s Relief Society. Elder Bonnie L. Jonas, General Authority and prophet of the ward said that this special congregation of young women will benefit greatly from attending this temple on the forty-first anniversary of their mother’s death. “Significantly, her children can commemorate their mother at a time when they feel particularly vulnerable and special,” Elder Jonas said. “It will provide them with a safe place to come together and focus on her accomplishments.” He also expressed his appreciation for the many families and individuals who have helped make this possible by making donations to the temple.