What Are The Main Services Of A Dental Implant Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado?

A dental implant center in Greenwood Village, Colorado offers many benefits to patients who need dental implants and oral surgery performed in one location. A dentist in Greenwood Village, Colorado can do most procedures in an office setting, but some procedures such as dental implants require that the patient is sedated and have surgery at a medical facility such as a dental clinic or hospital. The benefits of choosing to have the procedure done in a dental clinic instead of at a hospital include the comfort of the dentist, the expertise, and professional skill of the dental staff, the ability to get pre-surgical x-rays if needed, the low cost associated with the procedure and the speed of the entire process. When considering whether to have your procedure done in a Greenwood Village, Colorado Dental Implant Center, it is important to know what each option offers to the patient. Greenwood Village, CO  can be seen here.

The procedures that can be done in a dental implant center are dental implants and tooth extraction. One of the main differences between the two is that dental implants can be completed much faster than a tooth extraction. Before a tooth is extracted, a period of healing time must occur where the patient can avoid any biting of the anesthesia and pain medications. As well, dental implants are more stable and do not easily break or chip under pressure. When a tooth has to be extracted because it has been infected by the disease, the process can take weeks if not longer, which may mean additional lost time at work and increased costs associated with extra dental work. With a dental implant, the recovery time is significantly reduced due to less manipulation required on the part of the dentist. Click here to read about Experience the Best Dental Implant Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Another difference between these two procedures is that while a dentist can complete a tooth extraction with one of these techniques, a dental implant requires more than just one procedure. An oral surgeon will need to remove healthy tissue from the jaw before creating an implant, as well as create a supporting structure to keep the implant secure. After the oral surgeon has completed these tasks, he or she must prepare the jaw for the next step of the procedure – implanting the missing tooth or teeth into place. The oral surgeon who implants the tooth or teeth first then holds the tooth or teeth in place with the help of a titanium screw that has been inserted into the jaw bone to keep the tooth or teeth in place during the procedure.

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