Who Is Dr. Hepworth?

Dr Jared Hepworth

“What I love about dentistry is having the ability to really change someone’s life”

 Dr Jared Hepworth graduated from Brigham Young University and Roseman University
of Health Sciences. He is currently on the board of White Cap Implant Institute, an
institution that educates and trains doctors across the country on Dental Implant

Dr. Hepworth’s passion for dentistry started at a young age when he had braces. When
most children get braces all they can think about is what they won’t be able to eat or how embarrassing their smile will look. But not Dr Hepworth. He says, “It was the first time I noticed a smile and paid attention to it.” From that point forward he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in smiles.

Dr. Hepworth says that his true hobby is being with his family. If you ask him what his
picture-perfect night is like, he will tell you that it involves his wife, children simply
relaxing in the backyard. But, did you know that he also enjoys cooking? His favorite
dish to make is shrimp pasta. As of right now, the recipe is a secret but maybe we can get him to share it.

Dr. Hepworth also believes in the age old proverb that the “early bird gets the worm”.
Rising very early every morning, Hepworth enjoys getting a head start on the day with a
workout to make sure he’s in great health so he can put 100% into helping patients with
life-changing dental implant surgery.

“What a smile does for somebody, their self-esteem and confidence is life changing.”
Hepworth says his favorite part of the process is helping patients regain their confidence and their ability to eat their favorite foods again. He enjoys receiving calls from his patients to hear about how his surgeries have transformed their lives. “Patients call back and tell me they just had beef jerky for the first time in 20 years, it’s pretty
extraordinary. “

Something unique about Dr. Hepworth is that he always collaborates with other
providers before performing any surgery. Rather than assuming he knows what’s best he will always consult with another colleague to see their unique perspective. This shows his humility and willingness to continually learn and improve his skills to better serve his patients. That practice has been adopted as part of Nuvia Dental Implant Center’s SafeSmile Method TM. which Dr Hepworth helped to develop.

Dr. Jared Hepworth, DMD